Warning about Vitamin Overdose By Victor Collins

It's commonly accepted that taking a daily multivitamin is good for you health. It's even recommended by many doctors, and getting a doctor to recommend anything that they can't write you a prescription for is a pretty big deal.

As is usually the case when enough people preach the benefits of any product the general public comes to accept whatever is being said about it as fact. That's not the case with multivitamins. The nutritional supplement industry does not have to adhere to the strict standards that prescription drugs have too. This is both good and bad. It's good because it keeps the price down. It's bad because the claims made about the products can be overstated, and the manufacturing processes used to make nutritional supplements (including vitamins) are not as stringent.

How does this affect you, the multivitamin consumer?

The average multivitamin consumer makes their buying decision based on 3 things:

1. The specific vitamins and amount of each vitamin listed on the label

2. They buy what ever the sales person recommends or brand they've seen advertised

3. The price of the vitamin

If you're buying decision is made by these three criteria it's likely that you're not only purchasing an inferior vitamin, but you could be putting your health at risk due to vitamin overdose.

Lets look at the first point and you'll see why you could be doing more harm then good by taking certain brands of vitamins

You choose your current multivitamin based on the specific vitamins and amount of each vitamin listed on the label.

You walk into the vitamin section of the store, and you're faced with 10 or more different brands of vitamins. Which one do you choose? If you're like most people you grab the ones that have attractive packaging, and compare the labels. You look for two things, lots of ingredients, and large amounts of each of those ingredients. If some is good more is better right? Wrong, if you look at the amount of vitamins in most of the popular brands, and compare it to the amount of vitamins your body actually needs you could probably chop each vitamin into 4 pieces and it would supply your body with all the vitamins it needs.

You can overdose on vitamins.

While some vitamins, B vitamins for example, are water soluble, and whatever your body doesn't use will just come out in your urine - too much vitamin A for example can cause liver damage, hair loss, blurred vision and headaches. The amount of vitamins your body needs is determined by your height, weight, age, gender, and physical activity. The current multivitamins being sold in stores do not accommodate for these factors.

Why are companies deliberately loading up their product with more vitamins then the average person needs? Because they know this is what sells. It's bad for the consumer, but to a person who's not aware of the body's nutritional needs they're going to buy which ever product has the "stuff" in it.

They think their getting more bang for their buck, but really their damaging their health by overdosing on vitamins.

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