Getting Your Daily Vitamins is a Necessity By Craig Thornburrow

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Taking vitamins has become very specialized as you can now find almost every vitamin either separately or incorporated in a multi-vitamin. Our bodies need vitamins in order to operate and perform at its best. There are many places to get the daily intake that are bodies require and you can find these vitamins in a variety of places.

Most doctors and experts will agree that getting your daily recommended amounts of vitamins is important and the best place, when at all possible, to get them is through your food intake. This is the healthiest way to get your vitamins because your body is made to absorb them properly. Unfortunately most of us are on the go constantly and it becomes very difficult to plan your meals to be healthy and vitamin rich. However just making simple changes like drinking an eight ounce glass of orange juice each morning can increase your vitamin C intake by 50%.

Since we are constantly going from the time we wake up until our heads hit the pillow most of us will need to take a supplement to get our recommend daily amounts. If you are a healthy adult then you can probably just take a multi-vitamin and get what you need. Children also should take one a day to make sure that they are getting everything they need so they can grow up healthy.

If you have any vitamin deficiency your doctor may recommend that you add an extra specific vitamin to your daily intake. For example smokers need more vitamin C because smoking drains this vitamin from your body. So in addition to your multi-vitamin you may also need to take a separate vitamin C. There are also many others that you can take in addition such as Vitamin B and D. So when you have a deficiency your doctor may want you to add a specific supplement.

You can find vitamins in a variety of places. For example many of the super stores such as Target or Wal-Mart carry them. Many of your bigger chains of grocery stores have them not to mention your local drug store. There are also specialty stores such as health food stores that also carry them. If you want to shop online this is also possible and oftentimes you can find them for less money online. So finding a place to purchase them is not a problem.

One thing that you should know is many people are realizing that they need to make sure that they get their daily recommend amounts of vitamins and you are beginning to see a niche market emerge. For instance you can now by bottled water that has specific types of vitamins added to them, even drinks such as Gator-Aid is getting into the vitamin business. You can find these products almost everywhere including your local convenience store.

Your body needs its proper nutrients and vitamins to stay healthy and perform its best. So make sure that you are getting the correct doses whether through food intake, daily supplements or even in water that has been enhanced with vitamins.

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