Drugs and Weight Loss

By Henry M John

Pixar's wonderful movie WALL.E depicts the inhabitants of earth, all of whom have been loaded into the spaceship Axiom and sent off into space whilst earth is cleaned up, as grotesquely obese. Is this what our future holds for us? Are we all going to be so overweight that we can hardly move? 'No way' you say, but on the other hand the National Institute of Health is already reporting that 65% of all Americans are overweight or obese. Maybe the film is trying to tell us something.

There is no doubt that the obesity epidemic is getting worse. Increasingly people are becoming frustrated because they don't know what to do to get slim and stay slim. Diets produce short-term weight loss, but they don't deliver what everybody who is overweight longs for, and that is permanent weight loss. Over 90% of people who go on diets fail to achieve permanent weight loss. It's an alarming statistic.

So what is the answer, drugs? Weight loss drugs do exist and they do produce positive outcomes for some people, but they are essentially for people who are morbidly obese or who have diabetes or a heart condition. They are not intended for the majority of people who are either overweight or obese.

What is depressing is that there is a demand for a 'quick fix'. 'Give me a drug that will make me thin', is the cry. We are constantly being offered 'quick weight loss' plans too - all they do is to ensure that you get quick weight gain after you come off the plan! There seems no realization that weight gain does not suddenly disappear. It cannot be magiced away by a drug or a pill or a plan. It takes commitment and effort and it is clear that this is something people are reluctant to understand.

The secret of permanent weight loss is certainly not drugs, it is personal change. Unless we change our ways, our behaviors, we have little or no hope of ever achieving permanent weight loss. What we have to do is to recognize what behaviors made us overweight in the first place and then learn new habits. These hew habits, slim habits, will enable us to establish new behaviors, to make change to ensure that we achieve and maintain permanent weight loss.

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