How Holistic Health Can Change Your Life

Are you someone who thinks health is important, but feels like there should be more to it than slaving away at the gym? Then you might be interested in the idea of holistic health. Holistic health has been around for centuries and the idea is as old as the pyramids. It is something that has been discounted a little since the industrial age, but it is definitely having a resurgence amongst people from all walks of life and all parts of the world. In fact, in some parts of the world it never went out of fashion in the first place! Learning about holistic health can be revelation and can change the way that you think about health and the way you live your life. If you are interested in being as healthy as you can be, this article will give you the run down on holistic health and what it means.

The basics of holistic health

Holistic health is a broad term for a type of health practice. It is not a treatment in itself, but rather is an ideal. Holistic health takes the view point of "mind, body and spirit" – that these three parts of the self are interconnected and are rarely separate entities. It means that what is good or bad in one part of the self is often transferred into another part. A sickness in the body can affect the mind and spirit, a feeling of damaged spirituality can cause illness in the body and mind. This is an idea that has not been utilized in most of modern medicine. In modern western medicine symptoms are generally treated as they arise, without thinking of other parts of the body. In holistic medicine, symptoms are treated as they arise, but they are seen as a sign of greater unrest and it is gathered that there are problems in other areas too. In modern medicine there is little thought as to how the mind and spirit can affect the body and the way that it reacts to certain situations. In holistic medicine, if there is a problem with the body it is assumed that there might be a problem with the mind or spirit also, and these will form part of the treatment.

How can this change your life?

Knowing that the parts of your self are interconnected like this will give a new spin on the way you view your health. If you stop pumping chemicals into your body to treat symptoms and instead look at the bigger picture of what could be wrong with you, you will probably find that your health improves exponentially. This is not to suggest that you ignore a doctor’s advice to take a certain medication! It just means that you should spend more time looking at the cause, rather than a quick-fix. You might have a lot of stress in your life from your job, or you might be getting over a nasty break-up with your partner. This sort of emotional fatigue can cause you to present symptoms in your physical body. You can treat these symptoms with medicines, but it will not solve the original problem and this will likely cause more physical symptoms for you to deal with. If, instead, you treat the cause – your emotional pain – this will stop the problem from recurring.

How can you apply this to your life?

You do not need to be a holistic health specialist to benefit from this idea! You might want to make an appointment with a specialist so that they can help you to understand the steps that you can take in your life to make yourself healthier on all levels. We already know that we need to watch our diet and take regular physical activity in order to keep our bodies fit, but we also need to focus on our mind and our spirit. Try things that will help you to relax such as yoga or meditation. Spend some time with your family enjoying a fun activity. Curl up on the lounge with your pet cat or dog. Help a stranger with their shopping, or take up a volunteer job. Whatever you can do to improve your mind and spirit will in turn improve your overall health.

Holistic health can be quite a new concept to many people when they first hear about it. However, the more you think about it, the more sense it makes. The idea of "mind, body and spirit" has been so revered for centuries for a reason – because it is legitimate! Taking care of yourself is more than just exercising, it is making sure that all areas of your life are happy and productive. This is the secret to true healthiness.